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The moon is currently in Sagittarius
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What to do, what to do

A Squirrely Dilemma

I was doing my normal 'standing in front of the sink washing dishes' (no dishwasher) when I spied this young squirrel jumping from post to wooden fence to logs next to wire fence.  He was obviously agitated about something.  So I stopped what I was doing and really started watching ...

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Probably the best face and body cream ever

Got dry skin?   Well here is an old recipe from my grandmother on my dad's side of the family.  I haven't made it in a while, and actually have resorted to buying store bought creams.   While I was applying some of this cream, I was thinking how I wasn't really ...

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It’s not just about Today – so what is it all about?

It's not just about Today - so what is it all about?

I posted another blog titled TODAY IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT  some time ago. and I was extolling  the fact that my choice to live where I do was one of my better decisions. There was nothing philosophical about it, but this time I may dip my toes into a more ...

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Adult male Evening Grosbeak

The morning the Grosbeak fell

It was cold, around 22 degrees F.  The sun was up, but not reaching  the area around the heated water bucket as it was in the shade.  My partner was taking a container of fresh water out (something was really thirsty that night) when I saw him freeze and slowly ...

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View from kitchen window

Keeping surveillance on a Picnic Table

I needed to be able to observe all the wildlife that were outside my fenced area.  Thinking about the logistics to make this happen, I had to consider things like  ease of physically reaching the area (even during bad snow storms), being able to observe from the warmth and safety ...

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Water – actually the lack thereof, and arrogance

Water - actually the lack thereof, and arrogance

I found myself without any running water today.   It was horrible. And the reason it was horrible was my fault. We had a leak in the house and the main supply had to be shut down.  I thought I was so savvy filling a big jug for the bathroom toilet (which ...

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Things are changing, and not always for the better.  I’ve noticed my electric bill rising (slowly, but surely) and have decided to take some affirmative action by becoming a “learner”.   I bought and installed a 1,000Watt Solar Electric System to help combat this ever increasing monthly bill.   This same system is for sale on Amazon – click HERE to go directly to the product.  Or, click HERE to go to a post I wrote talking about the various and inexpensive ways to fight back.

Aunt Ina's Kitchen

The Scot and the Devil – a heartwarming combination

The Scot and the Devil – a heartwarming combination

No, I not talking about a romance novel set in Scotland. That's not really my style, even though I've heard some of those novels are as sizzling as my topic will be today. I'm talking about Scotch Eggs and Deviled Eggs. Two favorites of mine. The … Read more...

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Bonnie's Garden

Red Poinsettia by XenoL12345

‘TIS THE SEASON (well, at least it’s getting closer)

As the winter Holiday season approaches the Poinsettia in all it’s glory begins to appear seemingly everywhere. But before you run out and purchase one to take home, there are a few things you need to know. Poinsettias are fragile. They break … Read more...

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Human Ingenuity

Need a good fast fix for dry winter skin?

Need a good fast fix for dry winter skin?

Winter is closing in rapidly here, meaning heaters and dry air.  Which translates to dry skin - especially on your face.  ACK... Luckily, we have a recipe for a super simple fix.  A  HONEY MILK MASK.  I originally got this recipe from my … Read more...

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Cremini mushrooms

Marinated Mushrooms

Who doesn't love some really good marinated mushrooms?  Okay, okay - there are people out there who can't fathom why anyone would eat a fungus.  But I'm not one of them, and I know of several friends who share my delight in a good mushroom,  … Read more...

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