Current Moon Phase

Waxing Gibbous Moon
Waxing Gibbous Moon

The moon is currently in Virgo
The moon is 12 days old


Word Formadjective
DefinitionOf such fine texture as to be transparent or translucent.
Synonymsfilmy, gauzy, sheer, vaporous
UsageShe wore a hat with a diaphanous veil that did not obscure her features.


We had some members asking how to make the cayenne tincture that was referenced in Trivia Question #4. So here’s the recipe. Please remember that for the best results, you should start this tincture on a New Moon and end it on a Full Moon. Don’t forget to wear protective gloves, and don’t rub your eyes after touching a pepper. It won’t damage your eyes, but it will sure feel like it is.

You will need to buy at least a 1.75 ml bottle of vodka. It is possible to buy a smaller bottle, it depends on how much tincture you wish to make. Go to any store that sells organic cayenne peppers (or any type of HOT pepper) and purchase at least a dozen. You have to chop them up and fill a quart size glass jar with them. So the amount you buy depends on the size of the peppers. You can mix types of peppers, by the way – it doesn’t matter to the tincture.

Fill your quart jar with the cleaned and chopped peppers (leaving all the seeds and membrane intact)… pack them in but leave some space at the top of the jar. Fill with the vodka. Seal. Shake vigorously and place in a dark area somewhere (inside a cabinet perhaps?). You will need to have easy access to the jar as it needs to be shaken at least once a day until it’s time to strain it – you might have to top it off with more vodka if the level falls from absorption. When the day of the Full Moon hits, you will need to get ready to strain your tincture.

You will need a clean quart jar (for your strained tincture), a label to affix on the jar with the date, some sort of mesh strainer, two clean glass bowls and protective gloves. Open your jar and pour the contents through your mesh strainer into the glass bowl. Place the chopped jalapeno’s left in the strainer in the other bowl.

When the jar is empty, set it aside and using a potato masher or something similar, press the peppers and strain again into the first bowl with the other liquid. You are doing this to get all tincture out of the peppers. You may have to repeat this action until the peppers seem ‘dry’ and all pressed out. Toss the pepper remains in your compost or a trash can. Clean your mesh strainer with hot water until all debris is out of it. Set aside.

Now,take a coffee filter (unbleached) and place it inside the cleaned mesh strainer to strain the liquid one more time. Place this final product in the clean jar and VOILA, you are done! Mark the label with the date and type of tincture inside, apply it to the jar and store in a dark, cool area. You can’t overdose on this, but the usual dosage for just about anything is two teaspoons (or two dropper-fulls). I keep a small bottle of this in my first aid kit, just in case.   To learn more about making your own herbal medicines, go to  MAKING HERBAL MEDICINES.  Enjoy!



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