Current Moon Phase

Waxing Crescent Moon
Waxing Crescent Moon

The moon is currently in Aquarius
The moon is 5 days old


Word Formadjective
DefinitionGiven to complaining; peevish.
Synonymsfretful, whiny
UsageThe teacher"s patience was wearing thin, but the querulous student nevertheless continued to whine about how much homework she was assigning.


All the critters had been fed, including the human ones.  And it stopped snowing!  And the sun came out – so before it disappears again, lets all go for a walk!

Our BIG dog Skyye (a Brazilian mastiff) was mouthing the door handle, and CAT (one of our cats) was right next to her.  Even our old lady dog Bitty was doing her version of jumping for joy.  We all rushed the door, 4 dogs, 1 cat,  2 humans, and headed for our valley.

The air was fantastic!  Clean, clear, crisp and calming.  (alliterations, anyone?) It was perfect!  The dogs were running and turning in those tight little circles they do when the are happy.  CAT was racing up trees and then jumping down close to Skyye – who would then chase her up another tree.  Again, I say it was PERFECT.

And then the sun disappeared, and the snow started again.  We weren’t all that far from home, perhaps 15 minutes?  But since there was no wind, it wasn’t all that chilly.  We took our time and finished savoring our time together.  We arrived back at the house, covered with snow (and that included the dogs.. the cat was smart enough to avoid all flakes – how do they do that?) and all very happy.

What a great ending to the day.  Only one picture, of Dave and my dog Tawnka… I was enjoying the walk so much I didn’t even think about taking more.. sorry!




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