Current Moon Phase

Waning Crescent Moon
Waning Crescent Moon

The moon is currently in Virgo
The moon is 26 days old

Distance: 62 earth radii
Ecliptic latitude: 1 degrees
Ecliptic longitude: 178 degrees


Word Formnoun
DefinitionA false statement maliciously made to injure another"s reputation.
Synonymsaspersion, defamation, denigration, slander
UsageWhen it became clear that he could not win the election any other way, the candidate resorted to calumny and dirty tricks.


When was the last time you used talcum powder? I used it when my son was a baby. My grandmother used it all the time.  It’s a wonderful thing to use when you know you are going to be out in the heat a lot.  I’ve started using it after a nice long soak in a tub.  It leaves the body feeling silky and smooth.

The recipe I’m going to give you today can also serve as a natural deodorizer because of its absorbent properties.  I got this recipe from my grandmother, who got it from her mother and so on.  Our elders used talc powder all the time since they did not have store bought deodorants to easily buy. It’s something that is good to know so you could make it if you had to (as in being prepared?).  I like to scent it with my favorite essential oil.

I package the final product in some talc shaker containers I had bought in the past.  You could use a fancy tin, or any container with a lid so that all you have to add is the powder puff itself.  A friend of mine went to a local tackle shop and bought several rather exotic looking feathers there.  She glued several of these feathers together at their base and then tied a pretty ribbon around that.  Her version of a specialty ‘feather duster’. Smart idea.


1/2 to 1 cup white cosmetic grade clay (kaolin clay)

1 to 2 cups arrowroot powder or cornstarch (or a combination of both)

essential oil of your choice to scent (optional)

In a large bowl, use a wire whisk and mix the clay and arrowroot or cornstarch together.  Add your essential oil. A few drops should be adequate. Whisk the powder briskly after adding the oil to ensure proper distribution.  The powder will absorb more than you would think, so be careful not to add too much essential oil.

After mixing well, place a porous cloth over the bowl and set aside to dry for several hours.  Then package in the containers of your liking.  Enjoy!



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