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Waning Crescent Moon
Waning Crescent Moon

The moon is currently in Leo
The moon is 25 days old

Distance: 61 earth radii
Ecliptic latitude: -1 degrees
Ecliptic longitude: 144 degrees


Word Formnoun
DefinitionA railroad employer who is in charge of a railway yard.
Synonymstrain dispatcher, trainmaster
UsageObserving that the yardmaster had his back turned, the vagabonds leaped into one of the boxcars.


Kitchen Spices

As I mentioned in my first article concerning this subject I had finally got my list of medicinal and flavorful spices down to 15, which will make it so much easier to remember and work with.


I gave you seven of them in the previous article, each with a short synopsis, and I’m giving you the remainingin this article, again, each with  short synopsis.

Since each spice has a multitude of medicinal uses that I believe are necessary (vital) for all of us to know; I am going to follow up by spending time on each and every spice (an individual article), giving you all the information I have.




#8.  GINGER:  There is really nothing out there that can top Ginger for soothing and stopping queasy stomachs.  Whether the queasiness is due to motion sickness, seasickness,  ‘morning sickness’, or even radiation treatments, Ginger rises to the occasion and quells that nasty feeling.  Research has demonstrated that Ginger beats dimenhydrinate, which is the main ingredient in motion sickness drugs such as Dramamine.  Ginger stimulates saliva flow and digestive activity, settles the stomach, relieves vomiting, eases pain from gas and diarrhea, and as mentioned,  is an anti-nausea remedy.

#9.   MINT:   Mint is known by most herbalists as the premier stomach tonic.  It can counteract nausea and vomiting, promote digestion, calm stomach muscle spasms, ease hiccups and relieve flatulence.  An aromatic oil found in Peppermint can relaxe the airways and fights bacteria and viruses.  Menthol interferes with the sensation of pain (rather like it ‘short-circuits the nerve transmission in route.) This particular ability makes it useful in reducing headache pain.  Some research has suggested that peppermint can kill many different kinds of microorganisms and may even boost mental alertness.

#10.  OREGANO:  At this date, 4 compounds have been found in Oregano that soothe coughs, and this ability to sooth coughs makes it possible for Oregano to  help unknot muscles in the digestive tract, making this spice a good digestive aid.  There are possibly at least 19 chemicals with antibacterial action that may help reduce body odor.  And recent studies have indicated that Oregano contains compounds that can lower blood pressure.

#11.  PARSLEY:  This spice is a diuretic, which means it helps prevent problems such as kidney stones and bladder infections.  It can keep our body’s ‘plumbing’ in good condition by causing it to produce more urine and keeping things ”flushed’ out.  Parsley can also relieve bloating during menstruation.  The high level of chlorophyll contained in Parsley allows it to be an effective breath freshener.  Simply by chewing on a few of the leaves will leave your mouth feeling refreshed.

#12.  ROSEMARY:  This spice has the distinction of being rich in antioxidants.  Antioxidants can prevent cataracts, lower the risk of cancer, heart disease, and memory loss.  19 chemicals found in Rosemary have an antibacterial aaction that helps fight infection.  Historically, this spice has been used to ease asthma, as Rosemary contains volatile oils that can reduce the airway constriction induced by histamine – the chemical that causes asthma and other allergy symptoms.

#13.  SAGE:  The oils found in Sage are antiseptic and antibiotic, so it can help fight infections.  This spice is effective for the symptoms caused by menopause – those dreaded night sweats and hot flashes.  There has been recent studies that indicate that Sage may be of value to people with diabetes.  Diabetics have the problem of their hormone insulin not working as well as it should, and Sage may be able to give a good boost to insulin’s action.

#14.  THYME:  Thyme is an antispasmodic, meaning it relaxes respiratory muscles and is known for treating bronchitis, and emphysema.   Thymol, the main ingredient of Thyme increases blood-flow to the skin, allowing for faster healing. This spice has the ability to fight several disease causing bacteria and viruses.  It has antiseptic properties, and can be used as a mouthwash, skin cleanser, anti-fungal agent for athlete’s foot and as an anti-parasitic for lice, scabies, and crabs.

#15.  TURMERIC:  This spice is well loved because of it’s beautiful golden/yellow color.  But it has many medicinal properties.  The curcumin in turmeric has anti-inflammatory effects, including relieving rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.  It’s been found that curcumin can also lower cholesterol.  Turmeric is chock full of antioxidants and contains the vitamins A, C and E.


Keep watching for more articles on HOME SPICES, there’s a lot more information on its way!







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