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Waning Crescent Moon

The moon is currently in Virgo
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Word Formnoun
DefinitionA long-stemmed sacred or ceremonial tobacco pipe used by certain Native American peoples.
Synonymspeace pipe
UsageAmong the Blackfeet warriors who advanced with the calumet of peace she recognized a brother.




The new year is here and with it all of our resolutions. I want to give all of you that may be interested a way to give yourself more energy, be healthier and a lot happier with yourself. It’s a 4 day plan that will help the body eliminate things like exposure to radiation (dental, mammograms, flying frequently and airport scanning); aluminum (it’s in our foods and there is still some cookware out there), silver amalgams (tooth fillings), antacids, carbon monoxide, pesticides, bacteria carried by food including E. Coli and Salmonella and it will even help the body get rid of the residual bits and pieces of legal drugs given to us by doctors, and the drugs and hormones we ingest unwittingly in our store bought foods (these will stay in the liver and the our other fatty cell locations – such as the brain) and need to be eliminated. In other words, a lot of the ‘stuff’ we are needlessly exposed to daily and need to get rid of.  Detoxing the body on a regular basis will help maintain good health, clear skin and eyes; it will provide you with great energy, and allow your body to keep its’ immune system strong.


If you are going to do this you must follow it exactly. If any food item is not listed, that means you can NOT have it. Period. No exception. There will be a grocery list given at the end of this article for your convenience.

The first step will begin the process of releasing toxins into your blood stream. Under no conditions should you skip the next step which is a 3 day program or you will be leaving a lot of the newly released toxins (from the first step) in your bloodstream which can possibly cause fatigue, headaches, and an anxious feeling. Some people have reported a feeling of nausea and bloating. So, please – follow this plan all the way through all 4 days.


This is a one day fast that has been designed to help alleviate any hunger pangs by balancing your blood sugar. It also will ‘rev’ up your metabolism and leave you feeling energized. Do not engage in heavy exercise (like chopping wood or climbing a mountain). Light exercise is fine – such as walking or 10 minutes on a Wii program.


As soon as you get up in the morning, pour yourself 8 ounces of water and stir in 1-1/2 teaspoon of powdered psyllium husks (see list below). Mix well and drink. If you find this a bit bland, use your Cranberry Lemonade drink (recipe below) instead of distilled water. This needs to be repeated right before heading to bed.


This drink consists of cranberry concentrate, fresh organic lemon juice, 90,000 HU cayenne pepper, grade A amber (real) maple syrup, good cinnamon, and one gallon of distilled water. Open the distilled water and remove 3 cups – holding it aside into a clean container. Squeeze your lemons for their juice until you have ¾ cup. Pour it into the gallon of distilled water. Take your cranberry concentrate and pour 8 ounces of it into the gallon of distilled water. Use 2/3 cup + 1 TB. maple syrup (again, pouring it into the distilled water), 1 teaspoon cinnamon, and ¼ teaspoon of the high quality cayenne pepper. Please be aware that the cayenne pepper will grow stronger as the day goes on, so don’t add more unless you want to burn your tongue. Pour in the remaining water (not all of it will fit) and cap. Shake well… refrigerate.  Shake again with each use.


Immediately after drinking your psyllium husk water, pour yourself a glass (approximately 4 ounces) of luke warm (NOT COLD)plain distilled water and drink. Don’t guzzle this down, but take your time. Then, pour yourself an 8 ounce glass of your Cranberry Lemonade mixture and start on that. The objective is to get at least over half of the gallon of Cranberry Lemonade drink gone by bedtime. You must alternate the Cranberry Lemonade drink with plain distilled water (about 4 ounces at a time). So don’t go on a long drive. You really need to do this at home. You are trying to flush out your system, so if you drink more than over half of the gallon – that’s great! You can NOT drink or eat anything else in this day though, so don’t cheat or you are totally negating the entire procedure. Don’t forget to take your psyllium husk drink that night.


The fasting is over, but now you have to concentrate on finishing up your cleansing process. Each of these three days you need to choose at least one item from the various groups of food that I will list for you. Again, if a food or drink is not listed – that means you can not have it, no exceptions! Any water you use for drinking or cooking with should be distilled water only. And all vegetables and herbs need to be organic.

GROUP #1 (choose 1 item per day)

*Sauerkraut: ½ cup. Please make sure it’s organic and raw. Not canned. You can cook it any way you like.

*Yogurt: 1 cup. Just make sure it’s plain (no flavoring or sweeteners) with active and live active cultures.

GROUP #2 (choose 1 item per day from each *)

*Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Cauliflower: ½ cup cooked or 1 cup raw.

*Beet Greens, Collards, Kale, Parsley, Watercress, Chard, Cilantro, Mustard Greens, Dandelion Greens: ½ cup cooked or 1 cup raw.

*Orange, Lemon, Lime: 1 orange or ½ of a lemon or lime.

*Daikon radish: ¼ cup either sliced – raw or cooked; Garlic: 2 cloves, minced; Onions: ½ cup cooked.

*Asparagus: ½ cup steamed with a bit of fresh lemon juice; Beets: ½ cup cooked any way you like; Artichoke heart: 4 cooked (no butter!) or marinated; Celery: 2 medium stalks; Dandelion root tea: 1 to 2 cups; Nutritional Yeast Flakes: 1 to 2 teaspoons (sprinkle on cooked vegetables).

GROUP #3 (You need to choose at least Two from this list daily)

Carrot: 1 small, raw; Apple: 1 small, raw with skin; Berries: 1 cup; Pear: 1 small, raw with skin; Powdered Psyllium Husks: 1 to 2 teaspoons in 8 ounces water; Ground Flax seeds (grind them yourself) 2 to 3 tablespoons sprinkled over cooked vegetables.


Make sure each day you have 1 to 2 tablespoons good olive oil or flax seed oil, at least four 8 ounce glasses distilled water, and a good nights sleep. Go to bed early, as the more hours of sleep you can get before midnight, the better you will feel in the mornings.


Listed in this section are four different methods of pulling even more toxins out of your body and have the advantage of relaxing and de-stressing you. These will also help take some of the pressure off of your liver and your kidneys during this detox process.

If you have access to a dry sauna, use it. Do not overdo – start slow (5 to 10 minutes to start on a fairly low temperature setting) and then work up to 45 minutes and increase the temperature to 145 degrees F. if you can tolerate it. I don’t recommend any higher temperature setting. This can be used every day of your detox if you want to.

There are three types of baths that each have their specific use. You will need to take one of these baths each day. DO NOT REPEAT ANY OF THESE – you need to do all three for it to be totally effective. You can take the baths in any order you wish. Use this time in the tub to relax and simply let your mind drift.

#1. Using water as hot as you can tolerate, add 1 pound Epsom salts and 1 pound aluminum free baking soda. While soaking, sip on 8 ounces warm distilled water mixed with ½ teaspoon aluminum free baking soda and ½ teaspoon good sea salt. Soak in this until the water cools and then get out. Do not rinse off or shower after this for at least 4 hours.

#2. Using water as hot as you can tolerate, add 2 pounds aluminum free baking soda. Sip 8 ounces warm distilled water with ½ teaspoon aluminum free baking soda while soaking. Stay in tub until the water cools, and do not rinse off or shower for at least 4 hours.

#3. Using water as hot as you can tolerate, add 2 cups organic apple cider vinegar. Sip 8 ounces warm distilled water with 1 tablespoon organic apple cider vinegar mixed in. Again, stay in tub until the water cools and then get out. Do not rinse off or shower for at least 4 hours.

You will need to slowly re-introduce your body to meat and other foods. It won’t know what to do with food or drink it hasn’t had for four days, so be careful. Start off with very small portions until you feel your body is comfortable with it.


Powdered Psyllium Husks (can be purchased at any health food store)

Cranberry Concentrate (health food store)

Fresh organic lemons (8 medium will usually do this)

90,000 HU cayenne pepper (health food store)

Maple Syrup – grade A amber

Ground Cinnamon – get this from a health food store, not a grocery store.

3 gallons Distilled Water

1 lb. Epsom Salts

3 lbs Aluminum Free Baking Soda (can usually be purchased in your local grocery store, if not – go to a health food store)

Good Sea Salt (go to a health food store for this and make sure there is no iodine in it)

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (health food store)

You will need to go over the Food Group Lists and decide what you like and what you think you will eat. Then add that list to the one above. Good Luck!